Who we are

We are a leading HR service provider focused on Specialized Talent Solutions and Engineering & Consulting.

Capitalizing on our network of strong local boutiques across Europe supported by our central hub, we serve customers big and small – helping them lead and succeed across many industries thanks to our HR services.

We’re proud to say that 2020 was a year of Huge Resilience for House of HR and its Happy Rebels. And we’re doing everything we can to ensure that 2021 will be the year of the Happy Rebound.

Rika Coppens

CEO, House of HR

Leadership view
Rika Coppens
A crisis year is a year of reflection and finding our strength and meaning. Therefore we embarked on a journey together with the Senior Leadership Team to revisit out Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values while also reconfirming our strategy by defining new growth areas by country and segment.

Eric Aveillan

Chair of the Board

Eric Aveillan
  • Chair's introduction

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  • Governance documentation

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  • Risk documentation

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If everyone is turning left, we go right

The power of Digital


We have conducted experiments with speech-to-text, facial recognition and emotion recognition. 2020 marked the first proof of concept of these apps and the results have been hugely encouraging. The aim is not to replace people by robots, but to automate mundane tasks so there is enough time for real human interaction.



The finals of the League of Legends World Cup 2020 had more spectators than the Super Bowl. Competitive gaming is huge. “Twitch”, the world’s leading live streaming gaming platform – acquired by Amazon in 2014 – reaches over 15 million daily users. Half of those aged between 18 and 35. We can reach out to those people. The possibilities are endless. Sponsoring teams, platforms, competitions, or – why not? – launch our own pro gaming team. Happy Rebels E-sports. More on this to come!

Finding the right fit


Our M&A strategy focuses on successful companies, with the ability to support our growth. Critically, and not unsurprisingly, cultural fit is essential – aligning with our shared values. We want to welcome like-minded, entrepreneurial spirited business leaders, ready to enjoy the greater success of being part of our Talent Powerhouse! We want them to bring their long-term vision, with the ability to run the business with autonomy, as we support with commercial synergies – aligning them to operate within specialized business segments or niches. Finally, and importantly – they need to know how to throw a party! This is a non-negotiable of our culture – we like to work hard, play hard!


For more detail please download our full House Report. We also have available a separate report that includes our 2020 Financial Statements

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  • Our 2020 House Report (full document)

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