Our Year

Happily, we can say that in 2021 our most important results and outcomes have been driven by our courageously ambitious nature. Being courageously ambitious has led our Group to an accelerated revival of all businesses and an outstanding result for House of HR in 2021.


Stories from 2021


Starting the year with a blast!

Starting the year with a blast! We completed the acquisitions of Solyne and Greenworking to support the Group's growth strategy. These two acquisitions emphasize our focus on specialized niche markets in the HR industry. Together, the two companies add 25 million euros turnover to the overall portfolio of PowerHouses and Boutiques within our Group.




20 years a Rebel!

Covebo celebrated its 20th anniversary. It all began in 2001 at the kitchen table, with a rough idea by founders John van de Veen and Gert Bouw. 20 year later, Covebo has 650 internal employees, 22,000 temporary workers and 40 locations. Now that's impressive!




Launching our new brand values

With over 100 Happy Rebels involved, one important aspect through the whole project became very clear for us: We Change Lives! For so many of our colleagues it is the best part of their job: being able to give people work and therefore the chance to build and develop their lives.




Welcoming new Rebels!

We completed our acquisition of German avanti GmbH. Avanti specializes in a wide array of healthcare staffing solutions all over Germany. The acquisition emphasizes our belief in the German market's growth potential and at the same time marks our entrance in the specialized healthcare staffing domain. Hello healthcare!




Our first ESG Committee meeting

Our very first Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Committee took place, a landmark moment for us! The Committee's mission is to advise, support and follow up on the Group's and our PowerHouses' ESG initiatives. ESG is critical to all our investors and wider stakeholders, and the Committee will ensure we have strong stewardship in making ESG factors, alongside financial factors, part of our decision-making process.




Continue to innovate

We successfully launched SWOP Recruiter, a free digital platform that helps Belgian SMEs with the day-to-day management of their vacancies. The application is linked to SWOP, which we launched in 2016, and is now the largest Belgian app to help job seekers swipe their way to a new permanent job.




Boom - another PowerHouse!

With the successful acquisition of Cohedron, a leading Dutch group of full-service companies in the public sector, we've strengthened our position in that key market. Combining a wealth of technical innovation, autonomous growth and high-quality services with the ability to leverage our know-how - it's a win-win!




Building a rebellious sales network

September saw us launch our Huge Rebels Community, to build knowledge and understanding across our PowerHouses and Boutiques. A simple idea: we want to bring together people from all PowerHouses who work with large accounts and who can gain from sharing and exchanging information on large accounts and big customers.




Joining forces

ETA, a French company specializing in innovative engineering solutions, moved to our PowerHouse Abylsen, allowing them to have greater ambition with their clients and prospects, both geographically and commercially.

At the same time, Vialegis, a Belgian legal recruitment firm, has moved from being a PowerHouse to become a Boutique under the Dutch PowerHouse Redmore Group. With this collaboration, Vialegis is supported in their expansion to The Netherlands, while Redmore can strengthen its expertise in legal and compliance.




Launching our groupwide Anti-Violence & Harassment Policy

Firmly sitting in the 'S' of our ESG initiatives, we were proud to launch our Anti-Violence & Harassment Policy. This is rooted deeply within us as a people business. With work being such an important part of all our lives, it's critical we allow all our Happy Rebels to enjoy an environment, free from harmful behavior.




What a year!

During the last month of 2021, a couple of initiatives were launched to support our Happy Rebels, including the installation of 'Trust Persons' and launch of the SPOT QR code in place to protect their wellbeing. We celebrated Conny being the first woman to be awarded a 5th 'Do'er & Dare' award. And we closed the year with us being ranked #22 in SIA's Global Staffing Firm rankings - up two places on 2020!



Stimulating the heroic revolution

With over 4,000 HR professionals active within House of HR each day, the amount of knowledge and experience available in the Group is immense. Day in, day out, situations lead to new insights, to new opportunities.

In order to pick up new ideas from the business, we organize a two-yearly innovation contest where all Happy Rebels are invited to come forward with a new, innovative business idea. Through a competition, multiple teams from different PowerHouses and Boutiques battle for the main prize - a €250,000 budget to turn that winning business plan into a great real business.

In 2019, Accent won the first edition with Jobtale (VideoMyJob), a tool which is widespread among several PowerHouses by now.

The 2021 edition was delayed due to Covid. Early March 2022, a very happy reunion in Paris, with seven heroic and revolutionizing pitches from the seven competing PowerHouses took place. Redmore takes the award home and wins with 'VRTHEFUTURE', a virtual reality assessment tool.

Congratulations, we are looking forward to making this tool real!

During the evening gala diner the first edition of the Video My Job Oscars took place. With five categories of professional vacancy videos, 15 finalists were also invited to Paris. Well deserved compliments to the winning videos. An evening like this rewards the efforts of our people to start using a new tool such as the VMJ app. Great to see it works and the enthusiasm it creates.


Main prize

Video My Job app