Leadership View

Joint statement of the Chair and the CEO.

The war for talent is over, and guess what... Talent has won.

Rika Coppens, CEO, House of HR

Here's to a year of healthy Rock 'n' Roll

Our new year's wishes for 2022 are... May 2022 be the year of Healthy Rock 'n' Roll (HR). Our recommendation: look for a bit of Rock 'n' Roll in your job and life, get out of your comfort zone... because that is where the good stuff happens.

Rika Coppens

Helping customers to find the right candidates and helping our candidates to find the job that changes their lives... that is why we wake up in the morning.

Eric Aveillan

As a Board of Directors, we are proud of the evolution House of HR made over the last two years. All of this set up an appropriate framework to fuel House of HR's development.

Eric Aveillan Chair of the Board

Staying ahead in the talentcrunch

Research on jobhunting in Belgium and The Netherlands

The competition for talented employees has evolved into a genuine neck-and-neck race. But how do you win that battle? How do you get the right people on board that make your company better and also further grow themselves into the direction they want?

In 2021, we conducted an independent investigation into job hunting in Belgium and The Netherlands. In these two papers you will read the main results for both countries. We're also offering a handy checklist, so you don't miss anything. With these insights, recruiters are better prepared and, as a company, you can respond more specifically to the wishes and aspirations of current and future employees. This way we offer help and support in how to always stay one step ahead of the competition in the talent crunch.

Get your insights here:


Of Belgians who make use of a temping agency, consider this as an opportunity to obtain a fixed employment contract