Maybe it is strange what we are about to state, but 2020 has been an AMAZING year for us Rebels!

  • Joint statement of the Chair and the CEO

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A word from rika
Uniquely built to thrive.

Rika Coppens

House of HR CEO

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An extraordinary year

Every Happy Rebel in House of HR has shown extreme agility, flexibility and an open mindedness and resilience that we have never witnessed before. We cannot thank everyone enough for the extreme efforts they've made.

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of NowJobs sales in 2020 are from the Food Retail and Agricultural sectors


Our decentralized model allowed for very fast decision making at the level of each powerhouse, at the level of each specialty and at the level of each branch. Every candidate situation is different, customer segments reacted differently and the different countries and even regions within countries were rolling out other measures. Therefore a tailor made response was required and helped to match the measures taken to the specific challenges people were faced with, resulting in the best approach aligning costs to revenue, while ensuring future growth.


We see 2021 as a year of promise. While still not able to put the Covid19 crisis fully behind us, we are very hopeful and positive. The impact of the crisis on work, and especially on the job areas we are active in, has decreased significantly. At the same time, work may have become even more important in striving for the ‘new normal’. Therefore, we believe that towards the second half  of 2021 things should reach 2019 levels again. May 2021 be the year of the Happy Rebound was our New Year’s wish... we believe it will.


People at work

Andres' viewpoint
Our unique strategy and successful implementation is at the core of this conviction.

Andres Cano

CFO, House of HR

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Solid foundations

Describing and highlighting the financial impact of the year’s main events on House of HR is at the same time easy and challenging, as there have been many phases throughout 2020. Everything that happened in 2020 put our teams, our clients and our candidates under extreme pressure, as it did for all of our society.

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Total sales in 2020

  • CFO's Review

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COVID-19 Impact

We showed Huge Resilience in responding to the global pandemic and are well set for a Happy Recovery.

  • Covid-19 impact

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Chair of the Board

'At House of HR our business is people. It goes without saying that a strong business ethics and integrity in the way we lead, oversee and govern the company is on top of the list of the Board’s obligations.'

  • Joint statement of the Chair and the CEO

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For more detail please download our full House Report. We also have available a separate report that includes our 2020 Financial Statements

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  • Our 2020 House Report (full document)

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  • Joint statement of the Chair and the CEO

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  • CFO's Review

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  • Governance

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