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Every single one of us may be forced to re-explore our skills. At Accent, we acknowledge talent in every human being. We constantly train our Happy Rebels and offer tools to help our clients and candidates explore and develop further skills which are needed in this world of constant change.

Especially during the Covid19 pandemic we encouraged people working in hospitality to explore new skills and opportunities enabling them to find different jobs. Carlo, a chef who was currently unemployed due to Covid19 was eager to learn how to drive a forklift. So, we helped him get a forklift licence and immediately found a job for him in a food company.

We encouraged people during Covid to explore new skills and opportunities.

Anouk Lagae

Accent CEO

Shared Values




The idea for Jobtale-VideoMyJob came from an innovation contest at House of HR in 2019. Globally, video content accounts for more than 70% of all online traffic and is 1,200% more likely to be shared online than text or images. It’s how audiences engage! HR professionals all over the world are turning to video since it’s the best way to engage with jobseekers everywhere.

We found a company in Australia, VideoMyJob, who had already developed an app that has everything we were looking for. So we partnered with them for our project. In the meantime we have already launched VideoMyJob at Accent, Continu Professionals and Covebo. The other powerhouses are on the roadmap for 2021. Since we’ve launched in September 2020 we’ve posted close to 2,000 videos across the different powerhouses of House of HR.

Video content is 1,200% more likely to be shared online than text or images.

David Engelen

Learning and Development Manager House of HR

Shared Values




Together as a Group we performed the best we could in a year where many others in our industry suffered much more. Redmore was even able to realize what many others could only dream of: growth in this difficult year. From their home offices, the Redmore teams were able to keep their connection to each other and to their customers. And at Talent & Pro, the company dog – Disco, made sure to keep people smiling.

It's been an amazing ride to see people rise, even when not at the offices.

Edwin van den Elst

Redmore CEO

Shared Values




The events of 2020 truly revealed the entrepreneurial and reactive spirit of our Happy Rebels.

Very fast after our main markets went into lockdown, multiple initiatives were set up by our teams. Many of them for support and to keep the team spirit going but of course the health of our people came first. In Germany the team of Zaquensis was assisted by their senior consultant, Dr. Franz-Josef Wedemeyer. His experience in the temporary employment industry coupled with his experience in the current pandemic was highly appreciated by internally as by our clients.

We can't imagine a better "doc" at our side. Even in difficult situations, we were able to develop and implement safety concepts and hygiene measures to protect our employees and customers.

Roger Lothmann

TimePartner CEO


For more detail please download our full House Report. We also have available a separate report that includes our 2020 Financial Statements

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