Building a home for trailblazers obsessed with discovering human potential.

  • Our organization

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Our values underpin everything we do and inspire us every day to do everything we can to live our purpose and achieve our vision – To be Europe’s most exciting talent powerhouse connecting people to possibilities, shaping the world of tomorrow.

Creating long-term sustainable value

We are wholeheartedly committed to having a truly positive sustainable impact on the world by staying true to our dream of changing working lives, connecting and amplifying boundless talent to win in a world of change.

  • Sustainability

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  • Governance

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Our sustainability strategy sits alongside our business strategy, and has three pillars, Social, Governance and Economy.

  • Social

    We will invest in sustainable employability by encouraging our people to learn and develop themselves, by engaging them and by investing in enhancing their health and safety and wellbeing at work.

  • Governance

    We will play an active role in the communities we operate in by upholding the highest ethical business standards and safeguarding human rights.

  • Economy

    We aim to build long-term business growth and economic performance - embracing technology and innovation to drive operational efficiency, creating new solutions for our candidates, and delivering outstanding customer experience.

Our business model

How we create sustainable value for all our stakeholders


  • HoHR is a leading European provider of Specialized Talent Solutions and Engineering & Consulting services

  • A superior cash generation and conversion profile to support pursued investment in new (digital) services

  • An experienced and committed Group management team with a proven ability to attract and retain talent

  • A digital front-runner able to organically develop successful digital products for existing and new services

  • Positioned in the most attractive markets with sound fundamentals and positive long-term trends

  • A resilient profile with above-market organic growth and margins driven by conscious diversification and deep customer intimacy, agile entrepreneurship and disciplined decentralization

  • A proven consolidation platform with acceleration of targets’ organic growth by leveraging Group advantages

  • Growth strategy designed to drive business mix towards sustainable, high-growth segments



We bill client for service

  1. Candidate sourcing and screening
  2. Candidtae matching and presentation to customer
  3. Hiring of candidate by customer


We pay salary of candidate

  1. Customer and candidate retention and prospection
  2. Timesheet/invoicing and payroll
  3. Follow-up of candidate at customer


The Value house of HR creates



We work closely with our clients to tailor our solutions so we can source, match and enable them to hire brilliant talent for their businesses.



By identifying, cultivating, and connecting talent across the globe we’re not just unlocking opportunities and creating value, we’re also building a better world for all talent.

Our people


Our infectious entrepreneurial spirit, youthfulness and audacity propels our 3,000+ Happy Rebels.

Our investors

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In December 2020 we successfully finalized a €200 million senior subordinated note emission, putting the Group in pole position for further acquisitions in 2021.


Our strategy

  • Reinforce market leadership in core geographies and core niches
  • Expand into adjacent HR services
  • Extend into high growth and resilient new sectors and customer segments
  • Safeguard entrepreneurial and decentralized model
  • Roll-out and further develop digital offers

Our boutiques

We are a fast-growing multinational with a fierce entrepreneurial spirit operating through 37 boutiques, including three associated digital participant brands, supported by our digital brands and apps. We also have our non-profit JobRoad brand. All connecting peoples’ talents and dreams with successful companies. Together we are House of HR.

    Meeting the need for a wide range of talent

    We strongly believe it requires specialists to hire specialists. Construction, retail, finance, logistics, technical, ...: our specialized powerhouses know their niches and both their customers and candidates like no one else.

    Our Organization

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    Matching skilled talent to engineering and consulting project opportunities

    We recruit highly skilled professionals to work in fast evolving sectors like finance, legal, energy, pharmaceuticals, technology, project sourcing, interim management or secondment in line with our clients’ needs.

    Our Organization

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Stories from 2020


Redmore wanted to make employees proud of working for the company and give them an opportunity to make a difference. What’s more, Redmore also felt they should be giving back to society when things are going well for the company. A construction trip with Habitat quickly emerged as the perfect way to shape that gift for society. Fifteen employees of Redmore were selected out of 50 applicants to join this mission in Cambodia. The fifteen construction travellers built a complete house for a young and extremely poor family there in one week. During construction, they lived in the house of another family from the village. “The fact that we and our company had gone from nothing to a whole house in a week and were able to leave something tangible behind, I thought was beautiful. So I’m extremely happy that we were able to do that.”

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As an employer, we want to respond to the individual needs of everyone and thereby also attract potential new employees and optimize our retention policy. That’s why Gritt chose to implement a cafeteria plan, which makes it possible for employees to use part of their remuneration to ‘buy’ certain benefits. We have employees who live in the city and prefer a smaller car and an electric bike. Another employee may need more time off to care for their children. Or someone wants a bigger car for their large family and would also like to choose hospitalization insurance for the children and the partner. On top of this, many wage components have a (para)fiscal advantage which increases the value of the wage. In short, Gritt knows that composing one’s own salary is a highly motivating factor for many employees.


For TimePartner, the health and safety of employees is a key focus area. In this respect the company is working together with a medical center across Germany so that external employees can get their necessary medical checks for upcoming jobs. Additionally, TimePartner offers internal employees the opportunity to make use of this medical center to have routine checks, flu vaccines etc. free of charge. In addition, a yearly health day is organized to improve awareness and share some good practices on different aspects of health and safety.

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In the Netherlands, one in eight children live in poverty. Imagine growing up in an environment with high unemployment and few opportunities. In most situations, you are on your own. You have no role model to help you develop your talents. There is hardly any talk about work, applying for jobs or how you should behave in the workplace. The result is that you have less chance of succeeding in the job market. That is why Continu has entered into a partnership with JINC, a Dutch non-profit organization, in 2019. Through the partnership with JINC, we want to give everyone a fair chance at the job market by giving them a role model. Because we believe that every child has talent. Through the program, they are introduced to all kinds of professions, discover which work suits their talents and learn how to apply it in practice.


For more detail please download our full House Report. We also have available a separate report that includes our 2020 Financial Statements

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